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Front Door Décor

As they say, “you only get once chance to make a first impression”! Central to curb appeal is your front door; so here are a few tips to help make your front door/entrance both appealing and inviting.

By choosing a classic color combination you create a color scheme that is safe, elegant and timeless. Neutral hues like brown, beige and grey with rustic red or navy doors will not let you down, but don’t be afraid of more bold colors for the door. Burnt orange, cranberry, and royal blue make a great front door color. Just remember to choose a color that is slightly muddy, meaning not a pure, clear bright color. It should have a touch of brown or grey to make it a little less vivid.

Consider the trim around the door; you may choose to paint it white for a classic look that will make the color pop. You may choose a rich brown or grey to create a warmer look.

Be sure to choose a good quality paint specifically made for exterior application. Latex semi-gloss enamel is a good option that will provide years of weather resistant protection.

Once the paint color is chosen and applied, don’t forget to set the stage around the focal point by making sure the landscaping is interesting and manicured. Then look at the lighting and make sure it provides adequate light in the darkness. Add some planters near the door or on the porch, seating if space allows and some decorative elements like house numbers, or artwork. Last a welcome mat that adds to the warmth of the space and allows you and guests to wipe feet during bad weather.

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