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Get to Know Carol Fisher *Award-winning designer*

I first became interested in interior design during the 15 years that I practiced real estate, often helping my customers get their homes in show condition long before the term staging was coined.  After moving to Florida, I began studying interior design with a focus on advanced color analysis, receiving top honors.

Shortly after, Décor by Carol Fisher was born, and I now am fortunate to work with a team of local professionals who produce quality workmanship and take pride in their results.

I am incredibly passionate about this profession; I love the creativity and the joy of making people happy. Each new project I take on provides endless opportunities for inspiration and imagination. My goal is to offer affordable design so that everyone is able to take advantage of professional help in creating a beautiful, timeless and inviting living space.  

Color Analysis & Selection

Choosing the perfect color palette for your home décor can be very intimidating.  We remove the stress of planning your future look. We work with you and help guide you to truly capture your vision for your home. From polished and chic, to remarkable and eclectic environments, we look forward to bringing new ideas to life!


Furniture Placement & Accessorizing

There’s so much more to decorating than simply placing pieces of furniture in an empty room. When creating a project, we take into consideration principles of design which include creating a focal point, addressing scale, proportion, balance, unity, symmetry and harmony.

We then add elements such as color, texture, patterns, moldings, artwork, accessories and the right light, to ensure that every interior design project not only has a cohesive and fabulous look, but also functions for your lifestyle.


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