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Family Rooms - Adult Worthy For Entertaining, but Kid Friendly

Family rooms can become overwhelmed with kid stuff, so how do you keep the hub of the home kid friendly, yet capable of being a place where you are proud to entertain adults?

The first step is to declutter. As children accumulate more toys, it is important to remove some of the older ones that are less often used or that they have outgrown. Next choose furniture pieces that can perform double duty. Functional pieces like a storage bench or storage ottoman can keep toys and games easily accessible, but out of sight when not in use. Custom built-ins along a wall can be not only beautiful, but extremely functional, holding entertainment equipment and lots of storage space for more toys, books and games. If custom built-ins are not in the budget, no problem; there are plenty of readymade pieces that look great and function just like custom built-ins. Choose pieces that have sections incorporating doors or drawers to keep things out of sight.

Slipcovers can be extremely helpful when you have small children or pets. They can be easily removed for adult entertaining and will extend the lifetime of your upholstered furniture. They are available in many colors and sizes. Choose a fabric that is easily laundered. Baskets are one of the most economical ways to add storage. They not only add texture and interest, but will also function to corral more kid stuff. Vary the shapes and heights for visual impact. Consider a cube type shelf instead of a table behind a floating sofa where you can stow more baskets for toys, books etc.


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