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Declutter & Upcycle

After we have been in our homes for a while, we all begin to accumulate lots of things. Here are some suggestions to help declutter while recycling or upcycling. I find that I always feel less guilty about discarding items when I find a new home or new use for them.

Start with old towels; you know the ones you never want the guests to see, the ones with the loose threads, a hole or a stain. Get an extra feel-good moment when you donate them to the local animal shelter where they will be really appreciated.

Reclaim some garage space by taking old cans of paint, the ones half full or less that you keep for touch-up. Put them in an empty glass jar or plastic container with a tight seal that you were going to recycle. Now they won’t get that funky film on the top and corrode the can. Use a permanent Marker to label the color or the room where used.

Magazines that you have read can be donated to a Dr Office waiting room, or a shelter. Donate books the same way.

If you decide to update a kitchen, don’t let the old cabinets end up in the dump. Instead hang the wall cabinets in the garage to provide extra storage and get some of the stuff off of the floor. Base cabinets can be used as a work space while also providing extra storage.

Closets, yikes! Go to the local home store and purchase a few pieces to put in your closet. They provide the ability to organize better while sometimes, doubling the hanging space. This should also provide the incentive you need to purge the things that you have not worn in a year or more. Don’t forget to donate the clothes to a good charity!

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