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New Year...New Look!

Now that the holidays are over and it’s time to put the decorations away, why not take the opportunity to look at updating or refreshing a few rooms in your home?

Sometimes just rearranging some furniture or swapping out a piece from one room to another is enough to make a big impact and give you a new perspective. Carefully consider your accessories when bringing them back into the room. Create vignettes with like or similar objects, varying the height to add interest. Maybe buy some new pillows for the sofa with a matching throw to freshen up the look. Perhaps you can change some artwork or trade with another room.

Interior redesigns aren't always about re-doing entire rooms and they aren't necessarily major upheavals in a household. The results can be easy to live with changes that can make your rooms more functional and enjoyable. If you want some new perspectives and can’t seem to conjure them up yourself call a designer and ask what a 2 or 3 hour working consultation would cost. Set a budget amount and tell the designer what that amount is. This will save time and money by discussing the budget up front. Clients are often afraid that if they give a dollar amount upfront, the designer will try to spend every penny. Not true, most designers get a great sense of satisfaction by coming in under budget. However, if you do not specify what the budget is to be, they will waste their time and your money coming up with options that may break the bank. Then you have to start at the beginning and come up with a plan B, or worse some clients will just give up on the idea. When you have a clear budget the designer knows where to focus on getting the most bang for your buck! The examples are before and after pictures of inexpensive makeovers.

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