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The ART of incorporating ART

When renovating a space, don’t neglect the art. Trying to incorporate your existing art won’t always work. It may look tired and dated when matched with your new paint and design. Art and accessories are like the shoes and jewelry for an outfit. If they are wrong or forced, the whole look goes awry.

Art is an investment that can dramatically or subtly impact your space. Blank walls are not only boring, but make a room look unfinished.

Art can be used to provide the scale or balance needed in a room. It can create movement that keeps the eye moving around the room, or provide a focal point that will draw you into the room.

Artwork can be used to dictate or enhance a color palette. You may choose to use artwork to influence a design or color scheme but it can also be used in more subtle ways to add interest, sophistication, pattern or texture. Artwork, is not just paintings and pictures; it can also be sculptures, carvings, tapestries, mirrors, clocks and other imaginative materials

If you’re feeling stuck with your design, select a piece of artwork that fits the space, then create a color palette for the room, influenced by the work. Pull accent colors for decorative objects from the secondary, or less seen, colors in the work to enhance different elements of the piece.

Art is one of the most important elements of a room and can often make or break a space. The right art and accessories pull the whole look together.

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