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Get Rave Reviews For Your Guest Room

This is the time of year when we often have out of town guests. We love being with family and good friends during the holidays. Why not make their stay feel warm and welcoming by adding a few special touches to your guest room. Offer amenities like that of a fine hotel.

First take a good look at your bedding. Does it look fresh, new and inviting? Do the walls and window treatments look coordinated with the bedding? If you have hard surface floors, add an area rug or a couple of throw rugs for them to step out of bed onto. Then make sure you have a chair in the room. This not only gives them a place to sit while putting on shoes, but offers them a place to sit if they want a bit of privacy or respite. A folding suitcase rack comes in handy for their luggage. Consider changing out a night stand for a desk. A desk can multi task not only as a night table, desk, but also a vanity. Make sure they have a mirror too.

Now for the details, add a fluffy throw to make them feel cozy, maybe a thick terry robe and a few decorative pillows. Make magazines or books available for downtime or bedtime reading. Prepare a basket that has a few travel size toiletries such as soap, shampoo, toothpaste, a disposable razor and be sure to have a hairdryer for them. Add a tray with a couple of bottles of water. Finish with a small arrangement of fresh flowers and voila you will get rave reviews!


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