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What About Your Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the rooms that you will spend time in everyday. So waking up to a beautiful space will help put you in a happy frame of mind to start your day right. Bathrooms are small, so they are easy to create a dramatic difference with little effort

1. A new coat of paint on the walls will create a big change. If you have white fixtures and a white cabinet or pedestal sink, consider painting a bold dark rich color…instant drama and elegance! If you have dark cabinets, consider a soothing spa like color like Sherwin Williams comforted.

2. Add a new shower curtain; the pattern will dictate the look and mood you want to evoke.

3. Dress the Window with something pretty, like a curtain, cornice or an organic shade

4. Select artwork that works with the colors and feel you want to create

5. Consider replacing the mirror. If you have a plain mirror glued to the wall by the builder, either take it down, repair the wall and hang a new framed mirror; or consider adding framing to the plain mirror to make it appear like its custom.

6. Change Light fixtures, especially if they are the builders Hollywood bare bulb strips. New fixtures will make the new framed mirror have a custom finished look. 7. Accessorize, with pretty jars holding colorful soaps etc., flowers, (add a shelf if you are lacking counter space), colorful towels and rugs.


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