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In A Paint Pickle

Choosing paint colors seems to be one of the most daunting tasks for many people when decorating. Color on the walls is a very important decision as it can completely change the mood and entire look of your design plan. Color has the ability to unite furnishings that may otherwise seem unrelated. It can make a room look larger or smaller, play up or minimize architectural features and compliment or contrast with elements in the room. Color is one of the most exciting and versatile tools a decorator possess and it is the knowledgeable use of color that can make a room come alive.

Choosing the right colors are one of the things that a trained designer does that really makes the cost of their services worth the investment. Designers spend a significant amount of time studying the effects of color, understanding the value, hue and intensity and how they interact. Color more than any other design element will dictate the mood, feel and style of the room. From a monochromatic, soothing color scheme to a vibrant mix of colors, the ambiance is determined by color.

Bright, vibrant colors are a great choice for a gym or a sun room, where you want the energy from those colors to resonate and give you energy. However, they are not a good option for your bedroom, where you want to evoke a restful space; here you want to use muted softer tones to achieve the mood. Every room needs some contrast to avoid boredom. That contrast can be achieved with using different colors or using varying values of the same color. Imagine using white kitchen cabinets against white walls. The cabinets are lost, but if you paint the walls with a color, now you see the cabinets. It is important to use colors with the right value and tint on walls in the main living spaces. I like to keep those a little muddy, not too clear or bright. That makes the color easier to live with. The best news is that if you are a do-it-yourselfer, and you make a mistake, paint is relatively inexpensive. One more note…. don’t choose your paint color until you have your other elements in place. Paint comes is thousands of colors and can easily be matched to the rest of the design scheme.


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