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The Holiday Table

If you are hosting a dinner party during the holidays, here are a few tips to set the perfect table! Start by deciding if it is going to be a formal for more informal party. You may choose to serve a buffet style meal; this allows more space to decorate the table with pretty things, rather than trying to squeeze in lots of serving platters. Either way, make it special.

Consider a color theme and keep to that theme by incorporating those colors when choosing the linens, dishes and center piece. Adding candles and crystal to the table evokes a sparkling elegant mood. Have fun and be creative when adding the decorative pieces to the table. According to Emily Post, the diagrams shown will give you the lay of the land or table, so to speak.

Napkins can be folded next to the plate beside the forks or under the forks; they can also be put on the plate simply folded, or abstractly folded, with decorative rings, or ribbons. Don’t limit your creativity. (Christmas tree napkin folding instructions can be found on my facebook page –Décor by Carol Fisher) Pier One shows how to set up your buffet. To add space to the buffet table, you may set the table with a charger and the appropriate flatware, drinking glasses and napkins, keeping the plates on the buffet.

Note: I sometimes see that people keep their dining table always set for a dinner party. This is typically done for staging purposes in decorated model homes or homes for sale. This is not something that should be done in homes we live in. Display your beautiful china and stemware in the china cabinet, not on the table.


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