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Working with Bathrooms

Typically bathrooms are one of the smaller rooms in the house, even though one of the most used. Choosing a color scheme and design for a bathroom is a matter of personal taste. Would you prefer it to be bright and cheerful, giving you energy to start the day, or do you want it calm and relaxing to create a tranquil feeling in preparation for bed? Do you like an ornate and luxurious look or rather a sleek look, boasting modern lines?

When choosing color, ask yourself if you want to make the room appear larger, brighter or warmer. Does a monochromatic look appeal to you or something with contrast? It is best to keep colors that relate to the bedroom when working with an en-suite bath.

To begin, I usually recommend white tubs, toilets and sinks. Nothing dates a bathroom like seeing green, gold or pink fixtures. White is just timeless and works with every color and every style, from cottage to contemporary. .

White fixtures paired with black and white subway tiles, dark cabinetry and red accents will bring high contrast and chic drama. Using white cabinetry with and sea green or aqua tile will create a more seaside/cottage look. Change the white cabinets to espresso cabinets and you get a tranquil spa feel. The pictures show two bathrooms that are the same with different cabinetry, wall color, tile and accessories.

Incorporating textiles can change the look dramatically. Imagine the same bathroom with a geometric shower curtain verses a solid curtain with a simple border. One adds drama while the other adds simple elegance. Finally towels, artwork and accessories will complete the theme, look and feel you want to achieve.

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