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Why A Focal Point?

Why is the focal point in a room so important?

In addition to scale, proportion and balance, creating a focal point keeps a room from being boring. A focal point provides the needed emphasis that will hold the entire design together. The development of a focal point is a natural response to the way the human eye works. Because the eye can’t focus on several locations at once, decorators provide a focal point in every room. Sometimes the room provides that for you; for example the room may have a prominent fireplace or a beautiful view from a large window or sliding glass door. Often times those focal points need additional touches to make them sing. A fireplace may need a fabulous piece of art above it to add color, or balance or proper scale to the room. A sliding glass door to a great view might need to be enhanced with window treatments adding color and/or texture drawing the eye to that view. If you rely on a window or sliding glass door as the focal point, often that view will disappear at night. Then you will need to establish a secondary focal point. A wall behind a sofa is a good place to build a grouping of artwork that will serve as a secondary focal point. Or an attractive entertainment unit with appropriate accessories will work as a focal point. In a bedroom most often the headboard wall is the focal point. In a dining room, the focal point might be a beautifully decorated china cabinet, a fabulous piece of artwork, even a chandelier will work. Be careful not to have too many competing elements vying for the focal point. Ideally the focal point should be able to be seen from the entrance to the room, so that it will draw the interest of the person entering the space. Your focal point sets the stage for the rest of the room’s design.

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