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Six ways to get a high-end look for less!

I am always trying to help my clients find ways to make their homes look more expensive, while working with a modest budget. There are lots of ways to make your rooms appear richer and more luxurious that won't cost a fortune. With a few well-planned moves, you can make any room in your house feel like a million bucks.

*Beefing up your architectural molding can go a long way toward making your rooms feel richer. Wider crown molding, taller base molding and box trim can be added. One of my favorite tricks is to install a thin piece of trim several inches below your existing crown molding. Paint the drywall area between the two trim pieces the same color and finish as the trim. The bulkier the trim molding, the pricier it looks.

*Wood flooring always elevates the look of a space. No carpet or other flooring material feels as rich as a beautiful wood floor. Sure it will cost more than most other floor choices, but the impact is well worth the cost. It will also be a bonus when trying to sell your home, setting it apart from the competition.

*Throw pillows that are 18 inches or less can read store bought. Search for or have larger pillows made for your sofa. Overstuffing your pillow covers help too. Stuff 24-inch down-filled pillow inserts into 22-inch pillow covers for a more luxurious look.

*Nothing makes as much impact in a room as a new, interesting light fixture. Lose the builder-grade chandelier and install an eye-catching personality piece that enhances your decor. You can find a great supply of inexpensive lighting fixtures at a home improvement store. But lighting stores will give you the best selections.

*Add a two-piece chair rail. By using a backer board behind a standard chair rail you now have a custom, beefy look. Then paint walls one color above the chair rail and another below.

* Refresh your walls. It is amazing what a difference a new coat of paint in a rich color will do to improve the overall feel and appearance of a room. You may want to paint one wall in an accent color for a bit of drama. I always caution clients when choosing a wall color to pick a color that is a bit muddy. That means don’t use clear bright colors on the wall. Use a color that has a lot of grey or brown in it. Bright colors are sometimes hard to live with as they give off too much energy and the room is not relaxing.

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